About Us

RedHanded Imagery is a dynamic video and film production company that specializes in creatively exceeding our clients expectations. We pride ourselves in being detail oriented with a high standard of professionalism. Our clientèle include Hell Rell of Dipset, Free (formerly of 106 & Park), Ness, DJ Shogun and a host of others.

In 2011 we produced our first short film entitled, “1st Dates”. It’s the story of a young woman who soon finds that her rash decisions have dire consequences in her search for love.


Our first short film “1st Dates”





4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello! We saw your advertisement on groupon, we need a photographer for our wedding we have $550-600 of budget. We just need about 3 hours. Would you be able to do it?

    Tell me about your prices.

    • Good evening… I’ll be able to do 3 hours for $400… Will send back digital proofs within 24 hours uploaded to a Dropbox folder.. What’s the date? Would need a deposit if you require my services. Balance due day of shoot.

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